whati… want on wednesday

wednesday night is good in my book for a few reasons.  

1. i always allow myself to take it a night off from yoga guilt free - don’t know how/why that became my rule, but it did.  guilt for not going on any other day- but wednesday is my get out of savasana free card.

2. we’re sailing into the weekend baby, only 16 hours of work separate me from eternal freedom.  (eternal loosely defined as 2 days.)

3. my bff/roomie usually has the night off too- and sometimes wednesdays are the first time we’ll see each other ALL WEEK.

with an abundance of things to do/see/eat/smell/be scared of/visit/explore just outside of our janky old gate, its actually rare for us to spend time lounging together in our apt on our prized piece of borrowed furniture (a love seat.)  sometimes our funky little apartment only feels like a place where i keep my belongings and rest my weary head.

not tonight.  tonight i have made my bff sign her name in blood on a contract stating she will make me this creamy garlic soup while we wear old sweatpants and men’s t-shirt and… i’ll just leave you with that image for now.

homegirl will be making this soup with freshfresh garlic she recently snagged at a garlic festival.  oh. baby.

and because my body doth overflow with kindness, i will be preparing and serving this SUPER EASY chocolate almond frozen mousse.  i know, she is really lucky to have me.  really.  lucky. 

after we enjoy the fruits of our labor, we will give each other praise through thickly coated garlic breath, braid each other’s hair, discuss the safe retrieval of the chilean miners, bask in our favorite night of tv (mod fam/cougs town,) and fall fast asleep with bellies full of cream and cool whip.  (hopefully not feeling as sick as that combination will surely make us.)

a forged frendship over high school soccer and adolescent crushes on super hott seniors… 10 yrs and counting. -gh