whati… am thinking about on a friday

1. 30x30 challenge- check it out here.

basically for the next 30 days, i’ll be mix and matching these 30 items without buying anything new.  yikes.  i won’t be turning this into a fashion blahg, but i will be documenting the outfits throughout the month.

2. sunset from yoga last night

we all know how much i love sunsets… this one from my yoga studio last night was no exception.  (note angel island in the background!) 

3. statement rings

a good statement ring can make a bland outfit into a funky ensemble.  and it makes a day spent typing on your computer a much more fashionable experience.

4. harry & tank

a. harry the sweet pup that lives in ct that i wannasqueeze wannahug wannakiss wannaeat everyday.  b. tank pups, the sweet pup that lives in sf and will be spending next weekend under my care. (ohgeez ohgeez)

5. sassters

my little sassy sent me an interesting ny times article on sisters this week.  what it comes down to is that i’m lucky i gots her.  

6. this guy

this guy flew up from lala land last night and we’re hitting the road for a little trip this weekend.  looking forward to becoming one with nature and taking a little break from Frisco.  

oh sweet weekend, welcome back. -gh

whati… am missing on a friday

perhaps it’s because my roommate/life partner has abandoned me for a 13 day stint in new england.  perhaps it’s because i purchased my “christmas vacation” tickets this week and am counting down the 3 long months ahead.  perhaps it’s because i’ve been sick & slow all week and want some tlc.  perhaps it’s because my co-blogger moved half-way across the world (or bay.)  perhaps it’s because the distance between sf and ct seems to be more vast on some days than on others. perhaps it’s just because they’re my strange little baby siblings.

whatever it is, i miss ‘em.

today whati’d like to do after work is eat a king sized snicker’s bar and tune into abc for t.g.i.f. with “the kids.”  i started calling my sibs “the kids” when i was 12 and they were 9 & 4.  they didn’t like it and neither did my mom and i got in trouble every day when i said it.  (and let’s be honest- snicker’s/t.g.i.f. on dad’s watch only- warm milk with molasses aka “hot chocolate”/little house on the prairie OR white fang if the mama is in charge.  according to her the olsen twins were “too fresh” because they said stuff like, “you got it dude.” now they’re billionaires.)

i really like both of these guys.  they’re good people and you’re lucky if you know them! -gh

i mean… how could i not?

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whati… want to squeeze

It is no secret that I love my dog, Harry.  The mix of English Bull Dog and Boarder Collie gives way to the sweetest puppy boy a family could ever ask for. 

His antics never cease to amaze us- and unlike the pets of our past, he is a frequent guest to our beds, leather furniture, and dinner plates.  His favorite food is vanilla ice cream, and who could blame him?

He evicts the kind of baby talk from me that makes even my stomach turn.  But how could you not love a schmoopy lil bebe face like dat?  Wittle Hawwy Baybee. –gh (obvi)

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